All About the Tuksies

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, the tuksies were created!

The story goes like this:

South Beach, January 2001, 3 chicas and a ben-zonah were traveling around in Florida together in our little rented silver Suzuki Grand Vitara.  One night, 2 of the chicas and the ben-zonah went out to Wolfie's to get something to eat.  Our wonderful waiter, Warren (we think that's his name), was waiting on us.  Warren sat down with us, and one of the chicas ordered a burger and fries, as the other chica attempted to order a tuna sandwich, but instead said "I'll order a Tuke (pronounced Took) sandwich, please!"  And that is when the Tukis were born!

So although one of the tukis does have a tuki as a pet, it is not how the story of the tukis came about!

 The Tuki Song

Yesh laTuk Magevet, Rotzeh le'hitkaleach
Bamadregot nafal, achshav Tuki nochal!

Nicknames of the Tuks

Tuk(s), Tuki(s), Tuksie(s), Tukarella, Tukimonster, Tukibebe, Tukisheli, Tukibear, Tukasito, Tuksiewuksie, Tukiko, Gonzo

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