~~ It's Roomie Time!!!! ~~

Nomi, Sarah Sarena! Ready to party

Sarena, cutest baby, and Sarah @ Binyomin's Bar Mitzvah

Baby, Sarah and Sarena @ Binyomin's Bar Mitzvah

Sarah and Noms!

Nomi, Libby, Sarah and Lisa @ Binyomin's Bar Mitzvah

The most adorable baby!

Sarah holding the most adorable baby

Nomi looking ooh so hot!!

Nomi looking even hotter!

Sarena's gorgeous hair for Binyomin's Bar Mitzvah

Sarena's Hair again

Nomi's gorgeous hair-do for Binyomin's Bar Mitzvah

Sarena and Libby

Sarah making one of her faces

Nomi in hottie mode!

***wink wink*** oooh baby!

interesting...very interesting...

reaaallly interesting!!!! ???????

I'm not even going to ask anymore

oh yeah baby!


oooh yeah baby!!!

noooooooooo!! I didn't do anything!


alrighty then!

where's mini-me??

...and Nomi has had enough!...

Awww..Sarene and Noms!

We look so beautiful!

Sar, Sarene and the whole mishpachah!

Charlie's Angels decked out Jewish style!

bad girl!

It's the roomies!

it's a cute tuki!

Tuksie wooksie!

that is so adorable


aww little tukarella!

tuks and noms


what a tuksie

happy tuks

uuuuuhhhh something on the floor?

little tuksie not happy

ooohh what tension what drama


it's the series of the tuks


tuksA and tuks2

happy Tuksim

Amanda & Sarena...~~so happy togethEEERrrr~~

even happier togetthheerr!

it's best friends 4-EVA

Sarena, Nomi and Blaire!


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